A merrill lynch electronics to teach you how to distinguish between VA soft screen and IPS hard scre


A meilin electronics teaches you how to distinguish VA soft screen and IPS hard screen as the name implies, the surface of the screen is relatively hard, in the case of the display screen touch the screen, IPS hard screen screen basically does not change, but VA soft screen will have water ripple phenomenon.IPS hard screen quality is better and the rice price is more expensive.

(1) color value - compare the color value of the hard screen with the color value of the soft screen, and the obtained value should not differ too much, which indicates that the hard screen does not affect the picture quality due to the image distortion caused by the protective outer film of transparent resin material on the surface;

(2) the power consumption of IPS hard screen is lower than that of AV soft screen in comparison with the power consumption of power meter.

(3) use a magnifying glass to guide customers to compare the molecular shape of liquid crystal. The IPS hard screen is the one with full pixel fish-scale orientation to the left;

(4) touch the LCD screen lightly, if there is no water grain, it can be confirmed as IPS hard screen;If water streaks appear, it can be confirmed as VA Panel;

(5) temperature value - compare the heat emitted from the hard screen surface with the heat emitted from the soft screen surface, and the values obtained from the two screens should not differ much, which indicates that the heat dissipation capacity of the hard screen is no worse than that of the soft screen;

(6) power consumption - the power consumption of IPS hard screen and VA soft screen is compared, which proves that the power consumption of IPS hard screen is low, energy saving and environmental protection extend the service life.

In addition to the above points, VA soft screen and IPS hard screen can be distinguished by the following five points:

1, hard screen 178 degrees wide perspective, panoramic view is more exciting;With s-ips' unique liquid crystal molecular level conversion technology, you can enjoy the most perfect and excellent picture quality in any environment, even at 178 degrees.Compared with TV side screenshots, IPS hard screen has obvious advantages over VA soft screen.

2. IPS hard screen responds extremely fast, and the motion picture is smoother. Due to motion blur effect, large-scale image distortion and color change will occur in VA screen.In terms of the comparison of "dynamic image response time" in gray scale, no matter in 60Hz or 120Hz images, IPS hard screen presents a balanced "dynamic response time" in each gray scale, but VA soft screen is just the opposite, because the image quality of VA screen has a great difference in the performance of various images.

3, IPS hard screen without water grain, more stable -- hard screen extrusion without water grain, picture quality is more stable and comfortable, IPS mode without spots -- because of the stable and solid liquid crystal structure, AV screen will have a large residual phenomenon when touching.

4. When the service life of hard screen is 70,000, it is more cost-effective to be durable. The service life of IPS hard screen is 70,000 hours and VA soft screen is 60,000 hours;IPS hard screen power consumption temperature is low, energy saving and power saving is more environmentally friendly, 42 inch IPS hard screen compared with 40 inch VA soft screen, 42 inch IPS hard screen average power consumption is low to 220W, energy saving and power saving;The average power consumption of the 40-inch VA soft screen is up to 245W, calculated according to the service life of the VA soft screen and 60,000 hours, 2,100 degrees of extra power consumption, 0.6 yuan/degree of residential electricity consumption, and 1,260 yuan of extra power consumption compared with the 42 "inch IPS hard screen.

5. IPS hard screen has ultra-high contrast and clearer pure black layer.Different from VA screen, the white balance of IPS screen in each gray scale can be completely ignored.For VA, it is difficult to be fine in low gray order because the brightness of the sharp edge changes at the voltage origin.At low gray scale, the instability of voltage leads to uneven brightness.