Teach you summer LCD TV maintenance tips


With the rapid development of modern society, LCD TV has led the whole TV industry, comprehensively entered thousands of households, by more and more users of the push and love.But because a lot of users understand to the use common sense of liquid crystal TV is not very comprehensive, a lot of liquid crystal TV often are used at ordinary times in a few detail do not notice and do not maintain bring about use cycle to drop sharply, and cause a lot of small trouble easily.Fu ruida shows a technology to introduce a few LCD TV to maintain common sense for everybody now, the hope can help everybody lengthen the service life of LCD TV.

First, avoid working long hours.This does not conflict with the above considerations.Below the circumstance of overlong working, heat can be in the fuselage inside liquid crystal TV accumulates, this still does not become too big threat to other electronic component not quite, but liquid crystal face plate burns down likely, form the bad point of large area thereby.

Second, do not turn off the TV is not to let everyone waste electricity, but to pay attention to balance the impact of power on the life of television.Backlight lamp is the life in all fittings of liquid crystal TV consumes the most serious one component, it is very similar with the fluorescent lamp tube that USES in our home.Service life and lighting times are also very important.Preheating and sputtering of high-voltage pulsed cathode electronic material increase at startup, which will shorten the life of backlight lamp.If you get into the habit of turning off the TV after you turn it on four times a day, the life of the backlight will be reduced by half.

Third, avoid scratching, twisting or striking the surface of the LCD.Useful finger points to the habit that points to a dot to screen to liquid crystal TV may cause fatal damage, want to see at the same time the child that manages him and their toy, any bump to liquid crystal screen, scribble can bring direct damage, and make whole screen discard as useless extremely likely.

Fourth, when cleaning the screen to avoid power.Oneself clear water is wiped is a kind of very unwise cleanness means.Not only is the cleaning less effective, but it also leaves water marks. Importantly, liquid crystals are very susceptible to permanent damage by moisture (if water droplets infiltrate the screen, let the water slowly evaporate in a warm environment).